End of Tenancy Cleaning

• The aim of an end of tenancy clean is to restore the property to its original state before the last tenants moved in. We go through every inch of the property with a fine-tooth comb and remove every possible mark or scuff. Lamp shades are removed and cleaned, walls are washed, skirting boards, door frames and doors are thoroughly cleaned. Bathrooms and kitchens are deep cleaned.
• Oven cleaning can be included in the price, however we would recommend ovens with heavily baked-on grease are cleaned by a specialist oven cleaning company.
• Carpet cleaning should be carried out by a specialist company.
• We strongly recommend end of tenancy cleaning be done when the house is completely empty of furniture and belongings. Houses which are rented furnished will receive higher quotes.
• Products and equipment for end of tenancy cleaning are provided by Abigail’s Cleaning. Please contact us to arrange a quotation.